Kay Goldstein “Star Child”

“Star Child” Kay Goldstein Novel Kay Goldstein’s first novel reaffirms life, even when it is difficult.Terra and Marius are ‘star children’ on their way to being human. ‘There are no vampires or evil forces, only the challenges that we as humans must face: our fears, our shame, our wanting to be loved. There are also […]

Pam Epperson “Sunflower Bowl”

Sunflower Bowl Pam Epperson Ceramic A Sunflower Bowl!  Goodness to enjoy as you pour in the cereal and milk, and then again as you finish eating it.  Pam Epperson made this just the right size for morning breakfast, afternoon strawberries & cream, and for hearty evening stew. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us […]

Ches Stewart “Kitchen Pot Hanger”

Kitchen Pot Hanger Ches Stewart Cast Iron and Steel $225 Among the various coat rack and single hooks, is this exceptional hand-forged hanger for pots in the kitchen made by blacksmith Ches Stewart.  I envision the glint of copper bottomed pans but any pot would look great hanging from this Renaissance-style rack.  A pot at […]

Amanda Egdorf-Sand “Porcelain Teardrop Earrings”

  Porcelain Teardrop Earrings Amanda Egdorf-Sand Ceramic and  metal with Sterling Silver ear wires Marrying the delicacy of a porcelain teardrop with coppery metal, Amanda Egdorf-Sand has presented the light and the dark together, kind of a yin and yang alchemy.  I think the metal pieces are an Oriental symbol.  Does anyone know?  I wonder […]

Ted Ehrhard cd “New Hope Waltz”

  “New Hope Waltz: Traditional Music Remembered and Imagined” Ted Ehrhard cd “New Hope Waltz”, a cd of old style music including waltzes, Scottish and Celtic fiddle tunes and other lively and danceable pieces played by award winning musician Ted Ehrhard. Ted says, “I have played for contra dance events all over the East Coast, […]

Phyllis Fleming “Fish”

Fish Phyllis Fleming Steel ~ 2 1/2′ wide This large 2 1/2′ wide fish designed and welded by Phyllis Fleming, can stand in nicely for the one that got away!  Anybody want to guess what kind of fish it is? Per Phyllis: I’m a metal artist, preferring to use materials some might call junk, and […]

Kim Pollard “Bracelet in Blues”

Bracelet in Blues Kim Pollard Leather, Glass and Metal Newest Joyful Jewel artist, Kim Pollard, made this bracelet with colorful blue beads, an antique looking button and leather binding.  It is stunning and the way it wraps around your arm and then buttons leaves nothing whatsoever to catch on clothing.  She has made this type […]

Debbie Englund “Pitcher”

  Blue Vase Debbie Englund ceramic Shapely and so appealing with it’s swirls of rich and creamy earth tones and its squarish handle, this pitcher by Debbie Englund would be perfect for just enough iced tea, a couple of glasses each for two.  The design makes it balanced both visually and in use with a […]

Sheila Fleming “Blessings Altar”

“Blessings Altar” Sheila Fleming Mixed Media Magnet in an Altoid Box My ALTARS are miniature shrines using objects, symbols and words as an expression of my desire to create sacred space combined with my obsession with small things.  During my last trip to Mexico, I fell in love with the little “nichos”, or altars, that […]

Brooksie Edwards “Fused Glass Plate”

Fused Glass Plate Brooksie Edwards Glass Brooksie says, “Listening to my soul has brought me to the awakening of my artist self. Starting out as a musician on my path then led me to the art form of fused glass. I love being able to combine design with color. Like life, the rough edges smooth […]