Gerald Dukes “Owl” photograph

Owl Gerald O. Dukes Photograph There is magic in the night and Gerald Dukes has captured it in a photograph!  No matter how many times I have seen an owl I feel humbled and privileged.  Such piercing eyes and quiet strength she has; strength evident in the whoosh of wind as she lifts into the […]

Emma Skurnick “Snowy Egret with Red Leaves”

“Snowy Egret with Red Leaves” Emma Skurnick Mixed Media Painting Snowy white and brilliant scarlet, how pretty together in this piece by Emma Skurnick.  Miss Egret reminds us that before too long there will be some red leaves to play among. Emma specializes in portraits of North Carolina flora and fauna rendererd in watercolor, colored […]

Journals at The Joyful Jewel

The Joyful Jewel has a rich collection of blank paged journals for gifts. Artist and Author Forrest Greenslade has a Nature Lover’s Journal with multiple dates on pages in between paintings. Painter Kate Ladd has original art on the covers of her hand made brown paper journals. Photographer Kimberly Hawks has her brilliant photographs on the covers […]

LossSongs by Anora Sutherland McGaha

Anora Sutherland McGaha “LossSongs”

“LossSongs” by Anora Sutherland (McGaha) Poems on love lost I’m on my third reading of this exceptionally touching book, LossSongs, by Anora McGaha​ (Anora Sutherland), and I know it won’t be my last.The subtitle “poems on love lost” tells part of the story though I think I also saw poems of love found . . […]

Orlan Johnson “Pepper Grinder”

“Pepper Grinder” Orlan Johnson Constructed and Turned Wood with Metal Grinder Mechanism There is still time to get steaks or salmon on the grill for tonight.  This pepper grinder on the picnic table will give an extra dose of freshness to the meal.  Of all the grinders Orlan Johnson has made, I like this one […]

Pam Epperson “Bird Honey Pot”

“Bird Honey Pot” Pam Epperson Pottery It’s a honey pot!  Pam Epperson has made a turquoise and green lidded pot sporting a curious frog and a hopping bird.  Now it just needs some honey and a spoon to be ready for afternoon tea ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call […]

Joseph Sand “Large Vase Mauve Blue Brown Vase”

Large Mauve, Blue & Brown Vase Joseph Sand Pottery I would call this a large vase by Joseph Sand.  And it is perfectly shaped and the colors are pleasing, soft and blendy.  A model of what a nice sized vase should be.  Yet — this vase is less than 2′ tall, if you go to […]

Rita Baldwin “Sitting on the Edge”

“Sitting on the Edge” Rita Baldwin Oil Painting Here kitty kitty.  Looking pensive yet alert, a beauty “Sitting on the Edge” in Rita Baldwin’s painting, I think she would rather smell the flowers than come over to say hello.  There is a lesson in this. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter […]

Wendy Wilkins “Purple Flower” Mug

Purple Flower Mug Alcohol Inks on Ceramic Wendy Wilkins Working with alcohol inks, Wendy Wilkins produced the exceptionally vibrant painting on this mug. Surely that buttery yellow warms the coffee of tea inside.  And you’ll get to savor the purple flowers with each sip! Wendy Wilkins earned her MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill and is the […]

Terri Lange “Black Tie”

“Black Tie” Terri Lange Acrylic Painting Terri Lange calls this abstract painting “Black Tie” and I can see the formality of it.  Also, the passion of the red “scarf” makes me think of a special prom night, full of kisses and dips on the dance floor!  I enjoy making up my own stories to abstract […]