Bonnie Franklin – Make-Up Remover Soap

Make-Up Remover Soap with Moisturizer

Make-Up Remover Soap with Moisturizer

I’ve fallen “in love” with soap! I just started using this new soap by Bonnie Franklin. I have loved her original Make-Up Removing soap with the bits of charcoal as it does such a nice job of removing in a gentle way that doesn’t bother my sensitive skin. I would not have thought to bring out a “new & improved” version. Yet that is exactly what Bonnie did. The new soap does it’s removing job while leaving my face with an amazing glow! I feel just as made up going to bed as I do in the morning after making up. This soap has activated charcoal, saponified olive, coconut, veg. oils, shea butter, sunflower oil, castor oil, natural mica and the lovely champaca oil scent. It must be the mica that gives that exceptional glow!


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