Bruce Saunders “Untitled Mandala” at the Joyful Jewel 11-17-14

Bruce Saunders colorful mandala

Untitled Mandala
Bruce Saunders
12″ x 12″ Giclee Print on Canvas, stretched over board frame

As November’s featured artist at the Joyful Jewel, Bruce Saunders, has a whole extra wall of his art to share.  Bruce doesn’t name his work, so we can use our imaginations to decide what is being depicted.  I say this one is “Ancient Monk’s Vivid Dream” as the center is like a sand painting that I have seen monks do.  These focus on the centerpoint and depict the walls of a holy place, just as this one seems to do.  Next outer from the center is an energy vortex taking us into the bright energizing dream. What do you see in this image?


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