Debbie Englund “Gloxinia Vase”

Debbie Englund Curvy Vase

“Gloxinia Flower Vase”

Pottery, ~8″ x 5″
     Recently, I have been experimenting with altering thrown pieces. This blue flower was turned on the wheel and then altered or sculpted. While I was carving in some of the detail on the petals, I realized it was beginning to resemble a Gloxinia. Gloxinias have a beautifully soft and luxurious look about their blooms, and since I made this piece with the intention of Raku firing, I decided to use matte blue Raku glaze. I was hoping the matte finish on the flower would add to the Gloxinia reference; I think it did. I love how this piece turned out.                           ~ Debbie Englund


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