DG Chandler Ammolite Turtle

DG Chandler AmmoliteTurtle
Ammolite Turtle
~ 1 1/4″ x 3/4″, Sterling Silver, Amolite Petrified Shell, Leather Cord
         DG Chandler chose to make a turtle from a gorgeous luminous and somewhat rare gemstone made from the inner portion of a shell that was petrified and found in Canada.  DG’s turtle has a finely stamped and carved sterling silver body with the suggestion of swimming movement in the tail.  I imagine this turtle in his quick mode — gliding along the bottom of a clear sand-lined pond, scooping up small snails with his front feet.  Soon the perfect rock to climb upon will be found and he will show off that brilliant color in the glint of the sunshine, knowing that this substantial shell will protect him from any harm.                     ~ Mariah



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