Forrest Greenslade “English Bulldog” Sketch

Forrest Greenslade English Bulldog

“Doggie Doodle: English Bull Dog”
Forrest Greenslade
Pencil & Watercolor

 Forrest Greenslade has been making “Doggie Doodles”, quick pencil and watercolor sketches of dogs he loves.  Of course Stanley, his own Shetland Sheep dog, stars.  Yet, I picked this one of an English Bull Dog because of it’s long searching pink tongue.  I’m waiting his labrador or golden retriever doodles — as I think these are the most popular of dog breeds.  All of Forrest’s sketches are appealing, truly capturing the charm of bull dog, husky, bassett, poodle, spaniel and more.  Forrest would even sketch your very own dog!


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