Gifts Guide

When looking for a gift, the Joyful Jewel is a place for innovative, meaningful and fun options.  You will find things here that are not available anywhere else. The receiver of an artist-made gift will have something unique which was made with care and skill.  Contributing to your own community or to one you know and love, such as Pittsboro, simply feels right and good to do!  We welcome phone orders and are happy to ship for you.  (919) 883-2775 or email

Here is a sampling of Jewelry from Fine to Funky.

Especially for Children, are books, toys, clothing and even art.

Gift for Guys – Even though it can be challenging to find just the right gift for the guys in our lives, you’ll be surprised at the number of suggestions we have for you!

North Carolina is known for beautiful Pottery.  Here is a sampling from each of the Joyful Jewel potters.