Jennie Ratcliffe ‘s book

Nothing Lowly in the Universe: An Integral Approach to the Ecological Crisis

Jennie M. Ratcliffe, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1-7336600-0-6. First published May 2019. Distributed by Ingram Book Group. Softback. 348 pages. Includes illustrations, footnotes, a complete bibliography and index. Recommended price: $27.00. Available from all major online and independent booksellers. For queries, contact:

Jennie M Ratcliffe shows how the ecological and climate crisis is, at its heart, a spiritual and moral crisis, and how the social, economic, scientific, technological, and spiritual conditions that have led to overconsumption, reliance on growth amid inequality, and violence to each other and the earth community, are interconnected. Drawing on Quaker, Buddhist, and other traditions, and the work of Gandhi, E.F. Schumacher, Thomas Berry and others, she shows how Quaker testimonies and the principles of a deep ecology, economy and peace are being put into practice and how we can transform our ways of living to discover what really sustains us and the wider natural world. 

Table of Contents



Ch 1: The State of the Earth

Ch 2: Fixes That Fall Short

Ch 3: Science, Technology, and Religion: Driving Our Predicament?

Ch 4: Violence to Each Other, Violence to the Earth


Ch 5: Toward a Whole Earth Community: The Spiritual Foundation

Ch 6: Testimonies and Ecology: A Quaker Perspective

Ch 7: Other Religious Responses to the Ecological Crisis

Ch 8: Principles of Deep Ecology, Economy and Peace


Ch 9: The Practice of Deep Ecology

Ch 10: The Practice of Deep Economy

Ch 11: The Practice of Deep Peace

Afterword: Tipping Point or Turning Point?




About the Author

In a wide-ranging and comprehensive analysis, based on decades of experience as an environmental research scientist, activist and Quaker, Jennie M. Ratcliffe explores the interconnected scientific, technological, economic, religious and psychological causes of our predicament and shows how the ecological crisis is, at its heart, a spiritual and moral crisis. Drawing primarily on Quaker testimonies, on Gandhian, Buddhist, and other wisdom traditions, and the work of Thomas Berry, Arne Naess, E.F. Schumacher and others, she explores the underlying principles by which we–particularly those of us in the wealthiest countries–can radically transform our ways of life. The principles of integrity, reciprocity, nonviolence, simplicity, and equality, rooted in a realization of the unity and interdependence of, and love for, the whole earth community, are the foundation of an integral deep ecology, deep economy, and deep peace. Far from being utopian, they can and are being translated into spiritually-grounded practices around the world, offering transformational paths to the long-term sustainability of a more just and peaceable world for the commonwealth of life and the emergence of a new Ecozoic era.

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