Jerry Fowler “Royal Sonic Prince”

Jerry Fowler Royal Cosmic Chicken
“Royal Sonic Prince II”
Ceramic, 10″ x “9”

        I enjoy creating “Whimsical Creatures” from wheel thrown clay structures. Today’s “creature” is a member of the “Sonic Chicken Royal Family.”  This ceramic sculpture is known as the “Royal Sonic Prince II.” The rest of his family consists of Royal Sonic Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, and Guard Chickens. This Prince is very lonely as all other members of his family have “flown” from the Joyful Jewel!  A new Royal Sonic Chicken Family is being readied for the Kiln. The new members of Sonic Chicken family should be ready for viewing and taking flight in October. In the meantime Royal Prince Chicken II would love to be on view at your home!            ~ Jerry Fowler


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