Jewelsong “Everything Real” CD

“Everything Real”

We so love Jewelsong here at the Joyful Jewel! ┬áThere is nothing so refreshing and deeply inspiring as their music. ┬áMost of their music is originals and certainly is the case with this cd, “Everything is Real.

Jewelsong is Farrunnissa Lila Rosa, Sofianna Sue-Anne Solem, Marilyn Grubbs and Betsy Bickel. The first three started singing and arranging songs together at a beach retreat in 2002. They were joined a year later by Betsy. They have gradually added instruments and their own songs to the mix. Their music expresses their spiritual inspiration, joy in the beauty of nature, concern for the state of the world and hope for the evolution of humanity with a little free advice thrown in for good measure. They are located in the triangle area of NC.


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