Jody Jameson “Orbit” Necklace

Jody Jameson Orbit

Jody Jameson
Woven necklace of glass beads, metal and 2 plastic beads

Jody Jameson likes to give her jewelry great names — this one is “Orbit” — perfect!  About her work, Jody says:  I am inspired by colors in nature, the grey skies of winter, the sunsets in the fall and vivid flowers during spring and summer.  I sketch many ideas on paper although many finished pieces are not what I originally drew.  Some jewelry designs come to me in flashes, things I am driven to make, to “get out of my head”!  Other pieces have taken me literally years to execute, sitting and waiting for the next idea or next step in the process to finally finish the design.  It amazes me how jewelry has been one historic constant in the world.  People of all ages and cultures have adorned themselves and find importance in wearing jewelry.  I am honored and thankful to be able to express my creativity through something that can be seen adorning another person!


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