John Makowski “Large Altar”

John's Ceramic Altar
Large Altar
John Makowski
Ceramic with Dry Glaze, 15″ x 18″
This altar is one in a series of altars…the series is still in process.  I have had altars since the early ’70s when I discovered the Goddess spirituality movement in San Francisco.  Then I just piled up rocks and built “sacred space”  areas on my property.  Medicine wheels signifying the four directions, the four elements  were next.  I started creating smaller more intimate altars with multi-levels out of ceramic material in many colors here in North Carolina.  The one pictured is inspired from the Hindu religion…the stamps were found in San Francisco in the 70s,  the Sun rays expanding outward signify our unending spirituality.  The candles when lit create wonderful shadow effects.  Of course I expect people who use my altars to put their own symbols of Spirit on them.                                  ~ John Makowski


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