Kelley Hunter and Maria Tadd, Different & Similar

Such differences in the same category, painting.Both are masters of their art. Kelley Hunter paints layered acrylic abstracts and Maria Tadd paints layered watercolors. Kelley typically has no idea of what the painting will be when she start starts.The result is intuitive and up to the viewer’s interpretation, a thoughtful response. For Maria Tadd, animals and birds are often the primary subjects of her paintings. As you look at one of Maria’s paintings you are drawn to the essence of the subject, an emotional response. Despite the obvious style differences, I think both artists would agree with these intriguing words from Maria Tadd‘s artist statement: “I love to witness the pigments merge together creating various shades and intensities as I mix the colors directly on the paper. I take my time thinking about my palette and the properties and characteristics of each pigment to determine the mood or atmosphere I’m trying to capture.”



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