Larry Favorite “Turquoise & Ironwood Vase”

Tree Vase

Tree Vase

Turquoise and Ironwood Vase
Larry Favorite

Just one of the exquisite wooden vases by our newest artist, Larry Favorite.  This one is intricately inlaid with turquoise and has an undulating curvy shape. There is a sense of inner peace emanating from this vase.

so it’s not surprising that Larry says about his work “I derive my greatest satisfaction as an artist from the sheer joy of doing — of being at one with the wood and releasing the beauty that is within. I love the challenge of looking at and listening to a piece of wood and letting it reveal to me what it should become.  I have a tremendous sense of inner peace about my life and my work, and hope each person who touches a piece of art I have created can feel this in the work itself.”


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