Mariah Wheeler’s art & book

Squares, Hearts & Faceted Ball $70

Art at Last: It’s Never Too Late to Create is a nonfiction book which tells the stories of thirteen artists who began their careers late in life and have become successful.  Art at Last delves into the most potent issues of today for several significant portions of the populations, especially the older generation, including the importance of finding new and meaningful ways to contribute to a changing world.

The stories are compelling, and the topic is timely. These artists all have been, or are still are, successful in other vocations. They are the kind of people who have goals and work hard to fulfill them, who have come to believe in the power and worth of art, and who continue to grow and develop themselves through creating.

Those who have retired are not the kind of folks who have nothing to do so they dabble in art to fill their time. For these people art is a serious vocation. Each one is frequently still a student, is an artist daily, and is currently displaying and selling his/her artwork.  Three are potters, two are photographers and another uses her photography as part of her work, one makes jewelry, five are painters, and one designs and makes clothing.

As you read on, you will see how they came to be doing such remarkable work in their “golden years.” You will see their studios and sample the art each is known for.  The images are vivid enough for you to imagine a life of “Art at Last.” You will come to see that you, too, can join the community of artists.  It’s never too late to create.  Now is the time and we are the people!