Marrianna Osolin Putnam “Head Over Heels” card

Marrianna Osolin-Putnam Head Over Heals card

“Head Over Heels”
Marrianna Osolin Putnam
Card, Print of Original Acrylic Painting

“Head Over Heels” is a card by Marrianna Osolin Putnam made from one of her colorful paintings.  It is my favorite to send for a variety of occasions.  “I am still soooo in love with you” for our anniversary.  “Congratulations on your new job” Denise.  “Ohhhhh you’re taking a trip out West” could be the one someone sends to me this week!  I like that the card just has the title and the rest is blank with the smiling guy upside down and balancing on one hand ready to jump upward and clap between handstands any time there is a jumping-up-and-down kind of occasion.  What are you celebrating that is getting you head over heals?


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