Marty Broda “Gaia Spirit Stick Variety”

Marty Broda Gaia Spirit items

A variety of Gaia Spirit Sticks by Marty Broda

Marty Broda lives close to the land in a life full of integrity and grace.  You can tell this by the components and details of her art work, as well as by talking with Marty.  Gaia Spirit Sticks are made with care and with intent.  Each component, and there are between 10 and 30 of these in most pieces, is listed with the meaning Marty associates with it.  In this photo are Gaia Spirit Stick wall hangings, Dream Catchers, and the top of one Walking Stick.  I always take a deep breath when entering the room of the Spirit Sticks and say a prayer of gratitude for Marty and her work, and for the pieces of nature that Marty has recycled into these works of art.



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