Nora Gaskin “Until Proven” a Mystery

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“Until Proven: A Mystery in 2 Parts”
by Nora Gaskin

Nora Gaskin is a Pittsboro writer who conceived a mystery novel that took place in a town very similar to our own.  There is even a picture of a court house on the front that looks suspiciously familiar!  It is an intriguing read that recalls history of race relations, and old murder and also a contemporary murder in the same town.  And as Nora says “an exploration of what changes over time–and what does not.”

Here is a description of the book:
     Two young women murdered in their homes, one of them in 1963 and the other in 2003.  
     The same families are connected to each crime. The Vances are the old money white family in Piedmont, North Carolina. Could one of their own be a killer? 
     The Mintons are an African American family, respected and hardworking. What does the young cousin who represents their greatest hopes know about the crime? 
     Some people may believe that forty years was long enough for families and a town to heal from one “it can’t happen here” crime, but the second murder rips open the old wounds. 
     Until Proven is a mystery, a family saga, and an exploration of what changes over time–and what does not.


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