On a Monday

Lila B & Vangi C
Lila Berry, Poet
inspired by Vangi Cathcart “Pansies”
I look a trip to Florida to visit a long time friend,
We had a delightful time from the beginning to the end.
On the drive home memories fill my thoughts of the laughter and tears we have shared,
Experienced when you’ve had a friend of whom you have deeply cared.
I stopped into the Joyful Jewel to find a gift she may treasure, to lift up her spirits, put
A smile on her face and hopefully give her some pleasure.
You see her days are numbered now, tis month turning ninety-three, and I want her to
Know how much her friendship has meant to me.
As I browse through the shop my eyes fall on this lovely painting of flowers. Orange, yellow
And purple pansies, like t hose in her garden where she labored for hours.
Looking further I spot a card, a replica of the painting of pansies, and to my delight it dawns
on me the Artist is my very own sister Vangi.
I’ve found the gift to send to my friend, a card with her favorite flowers,
and a message inside of the gratitude I feel and the special bond that will always be ours.
She called and told me how touched she was by the loving message she read.
She said she had framed the pansy card and placed it on the nightstand next to her bed.
Paintings do inspire us to search our inner soul, and find the hidden stories that may
Never be told.


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