On a Monday 5-25-13

 The phone just rang with someone asking me to check an artist name on a sculpture he is writing about for Vision and Voice. Yesterday someone stopped in to write about Athena’s Legacy. On Saturday, a fluid group of writers came and went, pausing to sit in chairs and write from the muse that leaped off the walls to them. Another day, a local writing teacher brought in her students to write from their hearts. Youngest person I’ve seen so far is 11, oldest maybe in 80’s.

It’s a special time at the Joyful Jewel. Energy is stirring for the third annual Vision and Voice, a lovely afternoon when writing artists and visual artists come together to present the union of their work. Perhaps a poem about a painting. Or flash fiction about a shawl. You just never know………

Hope you’ll be in to take part before March 3, the submission deadline. Our collaboration is presented to the public on Sunday, March 24, so we need the lead time to create a book of these creations.

Things always interesting here.
On a Monday,