On a Monday

helen and shuga
Helen and Shuga


we walk into the JJ
after a couple weeks away
nothing looks the same
nothing seemed to stay

our hats, shawls and scarves
are now worn about town
many large paintings
from the wall have come down

bracelets and earrings
have found new homes
they were chosen by many
on their holiday roams

pottery and sculpture
are gone from the shelves
perhaps they were moved
by small Christmas elves

all kinds of art
went out through the door
making people happy
as they left the store

our artists aren’t lazy
quickly replenish each display
and Shuga’s ┬áback on the job
ready with customers to play

as the flurry of December
becomes part of the past
we like that the Joyful Jewel
offered beauty to last

lots of folks still coming in
winter chill gives way to cheer
as they ooh and ah
choose treasures for the New Year
~sharon blessum
with Shuga in her lap dictating



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