Florence Johnson “Red Door”

“The Red Door” Florence Johnson India Ink and Watercolor, 8″ x 14″ framed to 11 1/2″ x 17″ $70 Framed Original Florence Johnson’s watercolors are based on some of the wonderful places she has seen in her travels. So much mystery is in this lovely painting! What is at the top of this stone stairway? […]

Carolyn Levy “Bee Cylinder”

“Bee Cylinder” Carolyn Levy Pottery, ~ 4 1/2″ diameter x 6″ tall $30 Carolyn Levy initially signed up for a pottery class in order to get a fresh perspective on her painting. This “journey in clay” has resulted in a unique style marked by earthy colors and Asian motifs as well as the use of […]

Terri Lange “Shoe”

“Shoe” Terri Lange Acrylic on Watercolor Canvas, 6″ x 6″, Original $30 This hiking shoe has been on lots of adventures. From the east coast to the west, and even up a few mountain trails. Terri Lange has given this boot lots of colorful personality. The cute 6 x 6 inch canvas can hang on […]

Laura Davis “Blue Pit Bull”

“Blue Pit Bull” Laura Davis Acrylic on canvas, framed Original, 8″ x 10″ $75 A rainy day here in Pittsboro.  The plants outside the Joyful Jewel are sooo happy. And I arrived at work today to find a poem from our “mascot” Shuga. So I decided that this should be a “doggy” day. This elegant […]

Beth Bale “Small Zebra”

“Small Zebra” Beth Bale Watercolor on Aquaboard, 5″ x 5″ Original, $22 This zebra is admiring his wonderful striped skin. Beth’s animals all have such great details and unique personalities in her paintings. Beth is the Joyful Jewel artist of the month for July. Come in and see her cats, elephants, horses, guinea hens and […]

Vangi Cathcart “Chickadee with Roses”

Vangi Cathcart “Chickadee with Roses” 8″X 10″ Vangi’s crisp brush strokes and vibrant black ink, blue, green and red watercolors make this painting come to life for the observer. The “Sumi” style used also brings calm and serenity for the artist in us all. This painting would make a wonderful gift for that special someone. -by […]

Nancy L. Smith “Parrot Mug”

“Parrot Mug” Nancy L. Smith Watermedia, 12″ x 12″ on Gesso Board, Original $120 This parrot seems to have a lot to say! I’ve heard of parrots who have huge vocabularies, some more polite than others. Wonder what this one is saying. From Nancy Smith’s “Mugshot” series. by Kate 7/12/14 ~~~ See new pieces on […]

Marrianna Osolin Putnam “Head Over Heels” card

“Head Over Heels” Marrianna Osolin Putnam Card, Print of Original Acrylic Painting $4 “Head Over Heels” is a card by Marrianna Osolin Putnam made from one of her colorful paintings.  It is my favorite to send for a variety of occasions.  “I am still soooo in love with you” for our anniversary.  “Congratulations on your […]

Forrest Greenslade “Silver Tree in Winter”

“Silver Tree in Winter” Forrest Greenslade Mixed Media including Metal, Plasticine, Metal Flake, Acrylic, 20″ x 20″ Original on Board $400 Don’t you want a bit of shivver just now?  This dimensional “painting” by Forrest Greenslade rises to meet you with icy tentacles.  Not that I am nostalgic for winter — no way — just […]

Laura Davis “Bulldog”

“Bulldog” Laura Davis Acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 24″ $650, Original Another possibility for Father’s Day.  This large colorful painting by Laura Davis would be nice for a rough and tumble kind of guy, who also has a heart of gold.  I have wondered how people choose the dogs they do.  Who would choose a […]