Rita Baldwin “Red Cattleya”

“Red Cattleya” Rita Baldwin Oil on Canvas, Original 8″ x 8″, framed “12” x 12″ $150 This stunning oil painting by Rita Baldwin virtually bursts into the room!  Surely these Cattleyas are passionate in their reaction and reflection of the world.  Let us take inspiration from them and let us all be this way today! […]

Shannon Bueker “Rabbit”

“Rabbit” Shannon Bueker Acrylic on Board, 12″ x 12″, Original $160 Much cuter than Bugs Bunny, but perhaps also saying, “What’s Up Doc?”  Shannon Bueker’s colorful rabbit is ready for conversation.  I think she is taking a break after hiding the Easter eggs, stopping to challenge you to begin your hunt for them.  How many […]

Vangi Cathcart “The Lover” Sumi-e Rabbit

“The Lover” Vangi Cathcart Framed to 9″ x 11″, Watercolor and Ink, Original $35 I believe that Vangi Cathcart painted this very alert and charming bunny for a Chinese Year of the Rabbit.  He is painted in traditional Sumi-e technique with hand ground inks and watercolor.  Vangi’s choice of “The Lover” is interesting.  I see […]

Emma Skurnick “Rabbits”

Rabbits Emma Skurnick 11 x 14″ Print, Mixed Media Painting $25 Not having reached my cute quota for the day, I am sharing another rabbit painting by Emma Skurnick.  How can one keep from soft eyed smiles and playful grin when experiencing this purely delightful painting!  What do you think, are they bringing branches for […]

On a Monday – Al Capehart & Terri Lange

Granny’s Pink Rose Chair      Al Capehart , Poet inspired by Terri Lange’s Pull Up a Chair                                                                               […]

Emma Skurnick “The Prey Make a Home for the Predator”

“The Prey Make a Home for the Predator” Emma Skurnick Framed Original I think only Emma Skurnick would think to paint “The Prey Make a Home for the Predator” which surely says something about her own guiding life principles.  I wonder what specifically was on her mind, but for me it is a perfect post for […]

Vangi Cathcart “Eostra’s Rabbit”

“Eostra’s Rabbit” Vangi Cathcart Watercolor, Sumi-e Style, 13″ x 13″ Original, with frame 19 1/2″ x 19 1/2″ $100, Original In tribute to an earlier in time Easter, Vangi Cathcart painted this alert and alluring companion hare.  She is a wild hare influenced by the brilliant light of a full moon night.  Dance Sister dance! […]

Shannon Bueker “Elephant Folds”

“Elephant Folds” Shannon Bueker Ceramic Sculpture, ~ 7 1/2″ x 11″, with hanger on the back $145 Shannon Bueker came in yesterday with new pieces and I thought I had taken a look, yet this morning I was totally awestruck by this powerfully humble elephant sculpture.  Shannon is widely known for her watercolor and acrylic […]

Shannon Bueker “Gardening With Animals”

“Gardening With Animals” Shannon Bueker Acrylic on Board, 12″ x 12″ $160, Original Posting this today for all you gardeners out there trying to plant today.  I say, “trying to plant” because — well you probably know why.  At every planting hole, the cat wants to be petted, and after the radish seeds are covered, […]

Terri Lange “Toe Shoe”

Terri Lange Acrylic on Canvas, 6″ x 6″ $30, Original This was my favorite piece of Terri Lange’s when she was featured at the Joyful Jewel last month. All of Terri’s pieces have a good dose of humor but this one is specially in it’s ability to inspire us all to move!  Who would love […]