Shannon Bueker “Shepherd in Asters”

“Shepherd in Asters” Shannon Bueker 15″ x 30″, Acrylic on Canvas, Original $385 Of all the new paintings that Shannon Bueker brought in recently this is my favorite.  I love the colors of the flowers next to the matte blackness of the dog.  Shannon’s paintings always have lots of movement in them but in this […]

Terri Lange “Noodle Sage”

“Noodle Guy” Terri Lange Ink and Acrylic on Watercolor Paper, 16″ x 12″ Matted, Painting 8″ x 10″ $14 for the Original Terri Lange, I hope you won’t mind that I renamed this whimsical painting of yours.  Let me know all of you, whether you like Terri’s title “Noodle Guy” or mine “Noodle Sage”.  Just […]

Kate Kadd “Daylilies at Night”

“Daylilies at Night” Kate Ladd Acrylic on Canvas, 20″ x 20″ $175 Kate painted these beautiful day lilies to keep her company because the deer keep eating the ones she plants, and she really wants some!  The red lily is called “Route 66” and it seems to be especially captivated by the moon.  Red is […]

Andrea Snyder “Dance”

“Dance” Andrea Saccone Snyder Encaustic Painting with Collage 4 1/2″ x 4″ double matted, with frame 11″ x 9 1/2″ $70, Original Here’s a fine invitation to “Dance” by Andrea Saccone Snyder.  It is chock full of vibrancy, movement and passion.  Andrea has layered her encaustic (wax) paints and perhaps used some hair dye from […]

Andrea Snyder “Ceramic Leaves”

Something new from Andrea Saccone Snyder Ceramic Leaves These shapely ceramic leaves by Andrea Saccone Snyder are purely for fun!  You can place one anywhere to catch the special things that come your way, such as a candy kiss, the key to your locker, a note from a friend, the extra button that came with […]

Janine Maves – Silk Painted Pouches

Silk Painter, Janine Maves‘s, Silk Pouches $20 – $30 Janine Maves does fine art painting onto silk using a vivid imagination to adorn wearable art.  The beige colored pouch has a name, “Hot Air Balloons Over Santa Fe.”  The scene is lively with a person looking out from the balloon on one side and a […]

Beth Bale – “Giraffes”

“Giraffes” Beth Bale I love the way the sunlight plays on the lines and curves of these watercolor giraffes from Beth Bale.  She has also highlighted a a playful comaraderie and the curious nature of a baby.  Babies of all kinds exhibit this bright-eyed quality when they are happy.  Come to think of it, adults […]

Nancy L Smith “Great Mother’s Nature”

“Great Mother’s Nature” by Nancy L. Smith I love the interesting sequence of the words Nancy L. Smith chose for her acrylic and mixed media painting, “Great Mother’s Nature.”  There must be so much more to the story than I see at first or even second look.  There is a real bird’s nest with a […]

Emma Skurnick – “Fox”

“Fox” Emma Skurnick Mixed Media Painting, 10″ x 8″, Print on Paper $12 This “Fox” is a print made from a painting by botanical illustrator and amazing artist Emma Skurnick. I think she loves this one especially too as she used this image to represent her work on the Chatham Studio Tour.  Visit her at […]

Florence Johnson “Blue Winter”

“Blue Winter” Florence Johnson Watercolor on Canvas, 14″ x 17″, Framed Original $90 Unlike many areas of the US, we don’t have snow here in Pittsboro, but I do long for a day of peaceful snow quiet, sunshine to brighten everything and bring out the blue, and a day out in nature just walking.  Florence […]