Donna Cassidy “Stained Glass Tree”

“Stained Glass Tree” Donna Cassidy 12″ x 12″, Glass, Foil & Solder $55           Donna Cassidy makes popular stained glass trees.  Each tree is different, having flowed partially by Donna’s own “painting” hand – the trunk,  partially by small chunks of brightly colored glass – the leaves and fruit which Donna “hangs” from the tree […]

Emily Weinstein “Moon Book”

“Moon Book” Emily Weinstein 82 pages, $14.95           This is one of those truly enchanting books!  Each page features one of Emily Weinstein’s fabulous paintings and a little gem of writing.  There is ample proof of her devotion to the moon as well as painting as the book represents a full year of painting the […]

Marilyn Penrod “And Nothing More”

“And Nothing More” Marilyn Penrod 16″ x 20″, Acrylic on Canvas $265           I love the title that Marilyn Penrod gave this painting as I think it provides insight into what she was thinking as she chose to paint this enchanting raven.  You may have your own view of the meaning.  Here’s mine.  Although the […]

Vangi Cathcart “Frog & Lily Pad” card

Frog & Lily Pad card Vangi Cathcart, Painting Original Watercolor card $4           Vangi Cathcart has created with enchanting scene with a gestalt frog, just a touch of moving water and a sweet pond waterlily.  Perhaps Spring will come after all bringing promises of love and merriment!  Wake up and sing, you Spring Peepers! ~~~ […]

On a Monday

in this quietdarkeningafternoonbirds and butterfliesthat seemed like paintingsare flying about not out the doorin the storewhere all thingscome to life at nightmaybe

Marrianna Osolin-Putnam “Man in the Moon”

“Man in the Moon” Marrianna Osolin-Putnam 9″ x 12″ Acrylic on Canvas, $20           This cheerful, colorful fellow greets you with an offering of flowers, feathers and pure joy.  Do we need a lesson in global unity?  It seems that Marrianna can use every color there is in a painting and show you how they […]

Beth Bale “Serval”

“Serval” Beth Bale Acrylic 20 x 16” Framed $270 Servals are much smaller wild cats than tigers and I think they have several at the Carolina Tiger Rescue. This is an acrylic painting on canvas.  FYI, CTR gave me written and legal permission to paint these from their own photos because I had a display […]

Beth Bale “The Cows”

“The Cows” Beth Bale Watercolor on Clayboard, 16″ x 20″ framed $225           Beth Bale certainly has a way with capturing animals on canvas.  Not only the spirit of the cows but also for the place they graze and the sky above which are depicted in pastoral detail and an interesting, pleasing mix of colors. […]

Shannon Bueker “Polar Bear Two”

“Polar Bear II” Shannon Bueker acrylic on canvas, 12″ square $150           I don’t know about you, but I’d like to get in the same position as this peaceful sleepy bear.  Isn’t it time to hibernate?  Shannon Bueker often uses unusual colors in her animal paintings, capturing emotion or movement seemingly coming from inside the […]

Sarah McTeer Ogburn “Wanderlust Traveler”

“Wanderlust Traveler” Sarah McTeer Ogburn Watercolor, Ink, Mica, Acrylic Edge on Fine’ Fabric 18″ x 24″, $225           Often Sarah McTeer Ogburn’s paintings feature the moon.  This one has a prominent brilliant moon, a contemplative woman and several Indonesian fertility birds.  Do you see the baby bird in her hand.  Perhaps this is the result […]