Terri Lange “Black Tie”

“Black Tie” Terri Lange Acrylic Painting Terri Lange calls this abstract painting “Black Tie” and I can see the formality of it.  Also, the passion of the red “scarf” makes me think of a special prom night, full of kisses and dips on the dance floor!  I enjoy making up my own stories to abstract […]

Patrick Hitesman “Summer Vacation Imbibing”

Summer Vacation Imbibing Patrick Hitesman Painting With his summer vacation about to be over, art teacher Patrick Hitesman, must already be missing the extra time for the pursuits pictured in these of his paintings!  Leisurely sipping on the sail boat, sharing grapes with his beloved, watching the antics of his children while sipping a beer […]

Shannon Bueker “Peony & Ghost Hound”

“Peony & the Ghost Hound” Shannon Bueker Watercolor In this large painting, Shannon Bueker has painted magic!  The peony is bold as it should be and is being sharply eyed by an ethereal being, the Ghost Hound.  Some of you writers out there, please tell more the story. Surely this could be a whole novel, […]

Nancy L. Smith “Migration” Collage

“Migration” Nancy L. Smith Bees Wax Collage This is a brand new and lovely media for painter Nancy Smith.  The process is interesting and here is what Nancy says about bees wax painting: Bees Wax Collage is a hot wax art form using pure bees wax as a glue to attach collage elements (most often […]

Kate Ladd “Drowning in Words”

“Drowning in Words” Kate Ladd Acrylic and Mixed Media Collage The first thing I thought about in reading Kate Ladd’s title, “Drowning in Word” is that music can take the place of words.  Yet as I looked closely in the collage there are pages from old songbooks as well as from an old dictionary mixed […]

ZamBamBoogee CD of Original Music

ZamBamBooGee Music CD Should have put this CD by ZamBamBooGee up for National Dance Day last Saturday because it is THE best dance music.  Also, music for your intellect and fun-loving spirits.  Susanne Saunders mellow yet gritty voice is heard throughout along with Joey Howell who solos as well as harmonizes and plays amazing guitar.  Bruce Saunders […]

Florence Johnson “Windows”

“Windows” Florence Johnson Watercolor A new style using the same materials, “Windows,” comes from Florence Johnson’s prolific and vast creative reserve.  Most likely this is a scene from one of her international travels.  Can you guess where?  The media is watercolor with India ink. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel […]

Forrest Greenslade – 2 Dog Sketches

2 Dog Sketches Forrest Greenslade Ink with touches of watercolor Forrest Greenslade calls this series of ink & water color sketches “Doggie Doodles.”  The top one is a Basset Hound showing every bit of soulful pleading eyes and floppy ears that make this breed so adorable.  The second one is a Siberian Husky that belongs […]

Patrick Hitesman “Fruitini”

“Fruitini” Patrick Hitesman Oil on Canvas, Original Looks good enough to drink — and eat -“Fruitini” indeed! Patrick Hitesman has painted a pure delight. This durable painting, with an an oil-painted surface that could be washed off if need be, would be nice reminder to relax in the kitchen or on the patio. I hope […]

Wendy Wilkins “Lucky Slugs”

“Lucky Slugs” Wendy Wilkins Polymer Clay and Ink $7.95 each “You’ve been slugged” says Wendy Wilkins!  These are lucky slugs though each one destined to bring something to their companion — heart, jazzy, wishes.  Everyone needs a slug on their desk to bring out the smile in the day. Website:  https://www.joyfuljewel.com  Newsletter subscription:  mariah.joyfuljewel@gmail.com   FaceBook:   https://www.facebook.com/TheJoyfulJewel  Linked In: […]