Beth Bale “On the Fence”

“On the Fence” Beth Bale Watercolor on Board, framed original $80 A horsewoman and true lover of horses herself though not a racer, painter Beth Bale, is especially qualified to paint racing horses.  She is originally from Kentucky and has known of racing all her life.  Today the Belmont is run and I thought to […]

Wendy Wilkins “Summer Aspens”

“Summer Aspens” Wendy Wilkins Alcohol Ink Painting Quaking Aspens, a favorite of many, get a jaunty Summer presentation in Wendy Wilkin’s “Summer Aspens.”  Surely the perfect place to frolic in the flowers while enjoying shade of such a vibrantly living, quaking, forest. I thought of Wendy’s paintings this morning reading “The David Suzuki Reader”: The […]

Mary Darley “Off Shore”

“Off Shore” Mary Darley Mary Darley, the daughter and granddaughter of illustrators for National Geographic Magazine, is a painter who includes the action and drama of nature in her paintings.  This one, titled “Off Shore” of a Great Blue Heron who caught a Catfish — probably too big to swallow! — is no exception.  Can’t […]

Mary Darley “Off Shore”

“Off Shore” Mary Darley      In this piece Mary shows her advanced illustrative skill along with a keen eye for the drama of nature.          Mary Darley was born in Bethesda, Md just outside Washington DC. Both her father and grandfather were chief cartographers at the National Geographic Society. At an […]

Danielle du Clos “Record Mandala”

Record Mandala Danielle du Clos phonograph record with acrylic paint! Here is the story of how Danielle began making these intricate designs, each one hand painted without use of a ruler or compass!:  I began painting these records with oils and acrylics when a neighbor asked me to take his old records and spare them […]

Aja Demetera “Jeweled Seeds”

Jeweled Seeds Aja Demeterra Card, print with envelope “I see the jeweled seeds within you” — isn’t this just what you want to say to someone you love!  Aja’s cards feature prints of her original acrylic paintings and her own verse.  She says, “I see visions of another realm.  All my art expresses what I […]

Vangi Cathcart “Plum Blossom Tree”

“Plum Blossom Tree” Vangi Cathcart 9″ x 11″ original, matted & framed to 18″ x 14″ $65 Vangi Cathcart, has interesting information about “Plum Blossom Tree”: The plum blossom represents winter because in Asia it often blooms in February, before spring arrives.  In colder climates it’s not unusual to receive a last snowfall while the […]

Donna Cassidy “Plush Spring Scarf”

Donna Cassidy Plush Spring Scarf I have a background in painting and printmaking, but have always been drawn to crafts. Currently I am going in two very different craft directions. I am working in fused and stained glass for 34 years. I love this medium, but I needed to work in something I could shape […]

Shannon Bueker “Man and Dog in the Woods”

“Man and Dog in the Woods” Acrylic on Board, Original by Shannon Bueker $120 Deep in the woods, a man and his dog, experience their own kinds of joy.  Both seem to be reaching for a drink of water after a prance in the flowers.  At least three deer and a bird are joining in […]

Beth Bale “Serval”

“Serval” Beth Bale Acrylic on Canvas, Framed Original $229 Beth Bale has painted this inquisitive “Serval” lazing in the grass.  He lives at the Carolina Tiger Rescue in Pittsboro.  He says, “No I am not a tiger or a leopard or a bobcat.  Get to know me, I am a serval.”     Their long […]