Mary Darley “The One That Got Away: Catfish”

“The One That Got Away: Catfish” Mary Darley Acrylic paint, Colored Pencil, Ebony Pencil, Print on Canvas Seems the perfect painting to feature on a sunny Sunday.  Would love to catch this “One That Got Away” by Mary Darley!  NC enjoy the break from freezing on this balmy 45 degree day.  Put that sign on […]

On a Monday

Helen and Shuga ODE TO THE JOYFUL JEWEL we walk into the JJ after a couple weeks away nothing looks the same nothing seemed to stay our hats, shawls and scarves are now worn about town many large paintings from the wall have come down bracelets and earrings have found new homes they were chosen […]

Janine Maves “Brilliant Orange Velvet Scarf”

“Brilliant Orange Velvet Scarf” Janine Maves Velvet with Burnout of Janine’s Original Design Janine Maves made several velvet scarves with burn out designs recently.  It’s a departure from her usual exquisite silk paintings and not as detailed and without the mix of cave painting and meaningful modern content.  Yet the feel and colors are more […]

Florence Johnson “Village” at the Joyful Jewel 12-2-14

“Village” Florence Johnson I want to visit this place that Florence Johnson painted from her travels.  Mostly I love being at home or in North Carolina, but the wanderlust is piqued by a romantic and serene scene like this.  Take me with you next time will you Florence? ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow […]

Vangi Cathcart – #1 Christmas Booth

               Vangi Cathcart Christmas Display of Art Vangi Cathcart’s Christmas display at the Joyful Jewel is noted for Excellence in Presentation, Skill, Beauty and Delight!  Her medium is mainly watercolor in the Sumi-e tradition, a style noted for subtlety and clean lines.  Vangi has placed a live poinsettia, which perfectly […]

Forrest Greenslade “Windswept”

“Windswept” Forrest Greenslade ~ 12″ x 12″ modeling clay, patina on metal flake and acrylic paint This beautiful “painting” by Forrest Greenslade sold the day after I took its picture.  I certainly understand why it as chosen.  This combination of modeling clay, patina on metal flake making part of the coloring and acrylic paint makes […]

Bruce Saunders “Untitled Mandala” at the Joyful Jewel 11-17-14

Untitled Mandala Bruce Saunders 12″ x 12″ Giclee Print on Canvas, stretched over board frame $90 As November’s featured artist at the Joyful Jewel, Bruce Saunders, has a whole extra wall of his art to share.  Bruce doesn’t name his work, so we can use our imaginations to decide what is being depicted.  I say […]

Vangi Cathcart “Mums in Clay Pot”

“Mums in Clay Pot” Vangi Cathcart Ink & Watercolor, 9″ x 14″ original, framed to 18 1/4″ x 20 1/4″ $125 Vangi Cathcart says of her mum paintings, “All over the world chrysanthemums bloom in the fall.  Their spectacular gold, orange, and maroon colors defy the frost and the colder weather still to come.  Because […]

Sarah McTeer Ogburn “Awakening”

“Awakening” Sarah McTeer Ogburn 16″ x 20″ Original framed size: 20″ x 24″Medium: Watercolor-Ink-Mica-Acrylic Edge Substrate: Mixed Medium Board About this painting “Awakening, Sarah McTeer Ogburn says, “This Soulful ‘Gifted’ Sancturary : In every soul there is a space-a sanctuary. A space where healing, love anew, strength, and the art of life-lived is solaced.”  Awaken all and […]

Beth Bale “Teamwork” at the Joyful Jewel 11-7-14

  “Teamwork” Beth Bale Watermedia on Aquaboard, 1 1/2″ x 13 1/2″, framed to 12 1/2″ x 15 1/2″ $130, Original Do you ever wonder how you can get it all done?  Here’s how!  From the biggest to the smallest, Beth Bale says, all have a role to play in “Teamwork”. ~~~ See new pieces […]