Helen Buiskool, New Nature Paintings

  Just look at the beauty what Helen Buiskool has created!  Her muse, Nature, has engaged her in rapt attention and deftly moved her hands and paints to show the intimate majesty of flowers, plants and trees.  We merely need to attend to Helen’s revelations to find our own new insights.  One favorite thing I […]

Maria Tadd, Painting

Since childhood, nature and animals have fed my soul so animals and birds are often the primary subjects of my paintings.  I enjoy coming up with compositions that use multiple reference photos or placing an image in a “landscape” that is totally different from the one in the photo. I am drawn to watercolor because […]

Helen Buiskool, “Lanterns in the Mist” painting

This enchanting dreamy painting is by new Joyful Jewel artist, Helen Buiskool.  Helen describes her work as both figurative and abstract.  This one seems to have both qualities.  It invites long deep looking and imagining.  It delights me in a way that is hard to describe. I can imagine myself serenely dancing in this scene […]

Kate Ladd paintings on special sale

If you have had your eye on one of Kate Ladd‘s fabulous paintings, now is the time to buy them! She is not on the studio tour this year and has put these and more of her paintings on special sale at t.he Joyful Jewel.https://www.joyfuljewel.com/artists/kate-ladd-painting/ ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel […]

Wendy Wilkins, Painting “Golden Glen”

“Golden Glen” by Wendy Wilkins Alcohol Ink, Original Framed piece Wendy Wilkins paints with alcohol inks, bringing a vibrant satiny sheet to her paintings.  This original, Golden Glen, is my favorite.  I just love the shimmery birch/aspen trees in all those shades of yellow, gold and brown. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us […]

Rita Baldwin painting “Gathering Courage”

“Gathering Courage” by Rita Baldwin, Painting Rita Baldwin came this week with a few new oil paintings and a new orchid for her display.  I asked her about “Gathering Courage” a painting I especially love.  She said that the series of women came from her experience and that of others in accepting challenges from nature. […]

Nancy L. Smith, Painting

Nancy’s use of texture and transparent layers invites you into a connection with her paintings you won’t easily walk away from. Inspired by internal experience and the external world, she develops each piece using collage and acrylic paint in numerous layers with a variety of techniques. The result is a delightful array of new discoveries […]

Julia Kennedy, Painting – Cards & Calendars

  Julia Kennedy has known for some time that she has a passion for vintage muscle cars (she drives a 1967 Chevy Impala SS 3964), Korean pickled crab, dark mystery novels by the likes of Ross MacDonald and Raymond Chandler, and her ever-changing family of rescued animals (currently four dogs). But it wasn’t until a […]

Patrick Hitesman, Painting

Patrick Hitesman is an artist and art teacher at Durham School of the Arts in Durham, NC. He believes that we tend to cling to the positive memories from our life experiences. It is his hope to revive a pleasant memory in everyone who views his paintings. These paintings, along with the accompanying memory/association will […]