Barbara Thompson “Ethereal Glass Sculpture”

“Ethereal Glass Sculpture/Candle Holder” Barbara Thompson ~ 3 1/3 x 11 1/2″, Glass $15           Although Barbara Thompson doesn’t name her pieces, it’s easy to see why I gave this one the name “Ethereal Glass Sculpture.”  It’s also a statuesque candle holder on top.  I am reminded of the wispy sweetness of a wedding or […]

Douglas Maccardini, Lab Tube Lamp

Douglas Maccardini just keeps coming in to the Joyful Jewel with fun new lamps.This one has a stately scientific lab look. Would be great in a studio or office where you wish to cook up some alchemy, one of those light-bulb moments. Actually this one sold, but there is another with a similar flavor. ~~~ […]

Douglas Maccardini “Earth Observer”

Looking a bit like a Time Machine, this sculpture by Douglas Maccardini titled “Earth Observer” has it’s own table and globe.  You can pick just where you want to go and then keep track of the time you spend there with the hourglass.  There are tools to use on your trip and even a face […]

Forrest Greenslade Art Reception “Happy Hour”

With his usual exceptional sense of humor, Forrest Greenslade brings his dimensional art, both paintings and sculpture, to be featured at the Joyful Jewel during the month of February. His “Happy Hour” includes a variety of party animals with titles like “Happy Hour at the Sour Mash Shine Shack, Happy Hour at the Big Chill […]

Gifts for Guys Guys can be hard to buy things for.  Yet . . . we have a very nice selection of possibilities to choose from! Amy Durso – Rune Beth Bale – Teamwork Bob Gunn – magnet Barry Reece – book Ches Stewart – 3 prong rack Douglas Maccardini – cowboy & horse sculpture […]

Tim Smith, Music CD

Personal friend to the Joyful Jewel owners and wonderful musician died this year. We cherish his memory and the downhome original music he left us with.  Tim Smith was also a potter, who made whimsical animal sculpture.  See his pottery page: Tim Smith, Pottery Animals. Tim Smith, Music CD

Barbara Thompson, Fiber Arts – Knitwear

Barbara Thompson knits infant and children’s clothing. The white infant dress would be perfect for a Christening dress.  She also makes glass sculpture. See: Barbara Thompson, Glass Sculpture Barbara Thompson, Fiber Arts – Knitwear  

Libba Adams, Pottery

River Road follows the Haw River in Northeast Chatham County, NC, and was once called “Peace Road” by the farming families who lived there.  Situated between Chapel Hill and Pittsboro, River Road maintains its peaceful nature.  The land is dense with beech, holly, oak and maple trees and is home to many species of birds […]

Joseph Sand “Large Vase Mauve Blue Brown Vase”

Large Mauve, Blue & Brown Vase Joseph Sand Pottery I would call this a large vase by Joseph Sand.  And it is perfectly shaped and the colors are pleasing, soft and blendy.  A model of what a nice sized vase should be.  Yet — this vase is less than 2′ tall, if you go to […]

Debbie Englund, Face Mugs & Pottery

Each piece is unique.  Just like all over the world no two faces are exactly the same.  After I have the vessel-mug, jug etc. (or plaque), I’ll usually start with the nose and then make the other features fit the face.  After applying the features I’ll do a little carving to enhance the expression.  I’m […]