Sheila Fleming “Blissful Altar”

Bliss Altar Sheila Fleming Mixed Media Sculpture in a Box Shelia Fleming made an altar in an old Altoid box, attached a magnet on the back, and dedicated it to Bliss.  Inside are a few special treasures including Kuan Yin in in pagoda and a matchbox full of inspirational words which are on their own […]

On a Monday

Helen and Shuga ODE TO THE JOYFUL JEWEL we walk into the JJ after a couple weeks away nothing looks the same nothing seemed to stay our hats, shawls and scarves are now worn about town many large paintings from the wall have come down bracelets and earrings have found new homes they were chosen […]

Douglas Maccardini “Rolling Bot”

“Rolling Bot” Douglas Maccardini Mixed Media Metal Sculpture Zoom zoom.  Rolling on a roller skate “powered” by turbines and with muscle car like fins, this oilcan guy can surely go from 0 to 80 in a flash.  Waaaayyy to go Douglas Maccardini. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us […]

Barbara Thompson “Rock Filled Candle Holder”

“Rock Filled Candle Holder” Barbara Thompson ~ 4″ x 12″, Mixed Media Sculpture $15 Isn’t this clever!  Barbara Thompson has made a candle holder, complete with battery-powered candle) out of re-cycled glass components and filled the middle with lovely smooth river rocks.  Would make a nice centerpiece of dining table, maybe with a few cedar […]

Kimberly Godon “Golfer”

“Golfer” Kimberly Godon Iron and Old Railroad Spikes ~ 12″ x 12″ x 12″ Iron $90 Is is mean to post a golfing picture on a weekday?  I hope not as this guy is sooooo ready to play, and surely you want to join him for a game before the time changes! Kimberly Godon, the […]

Kimberly Godon “Wine Holder” at the Joyful Jewel 9-25-14

Railroad Spike Wine Holder Kimberly Godon ~ 10″ x 11″ Forged and Welded Sculpture $95 Getting ready for the weekend of staying-inside rain with cuddles and a movie, wouldn’t this fun wine holder by Kimberly Godon help to set the mood?  Surely Kimberly made this out of old railroad spikes, forged the curves, and welded […]

Marty Broda “Ascending Chaos”

“Ascending Chaos” Marty Broda Mixed Media Natural Materials Sculpture $35 I wonder what kind of day Marty Broda was having when “Ascending Chaos” emerged from her studio.  Surely all of those diverse feathers will help us in our personal challenge of living in this world of seeming chaos.  Fly, soar and see the possibilities beyond […]

Tamera Lynn Cooke “Spirit Warrior”

“Spirit Warrior” Tamera Lynn Cooke Mixed Media Sculpture, 56″ x 15″ $450 This very powerful “Spirit Warrior” endows you with bold power-within type of power and fiercely protects you from anyone who tries to over-power you.  He is large, 56″ x 15″ and inhabits an old antique Japanese ceramic face with real hair, fabrics, feathers, […]

Kimberly Godon “Please” at the Joyful Jewel 8-27-14

“Please” Kimberly Godon Railroad Spike Sculpture, Forged and Welded, ~ 9″ x 13″ $145 From the entreaty, “Please” comes this poignant point in time where someone responds with physical help as well as compassion to the plea of another.  Kimberly Godon created this scene by forging and welding old rail road spikes.  Implied through the […]

Douglas Maccardini “Roll Bot”

“Roll Bot” Douglas Maccardini Mixed Media Sculpture, ~ 12″ x 11″ $75 This saucy guy has his own steam powered railroad car.  Douglas Maccardini made him from an old roller skate (the key kind — who remembers what that is!), a brass gauge, silver tube smokestacks, parts of a car, an oil can, a faucet […]