Shannon Wall “Pine Needle Basket with Sharks Teeth”

SW Shark Tooth Basket
“Pine Needle Basket with Sharks Teeth”
Shannon Wall
6″ diameter, NC Longleaf Pine Needles, Walnut Shell, Sharks Teeth, Artificial Sinew
     Shannon Wall has collected, processed and woven what must be millions of pine needles to make this sweet-yet-tough basket.  The lacy-looking slice of shellacked walnut shell in the bowl contrasts with the sleek power of the sharks teeth.  I wonder if she gathered this impressive collection of  teeth herself at one of our NC beaches.  This basket is sturdy and beautiful, expertly stitched and coated with protectant.  It makes a stunning piece of art to be displayed in a place of honor, as well as a useful basket to hold keys or what not by the front door of a busy household.                              ~ Mariah


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