Vangi Cathcart “Bamboo in Two Paintings”

VC Bamboo

VC Banboo on Suede

Bamboo in two paintings
by Vangi Cathcart
Sumi-e Watercolor

A common subject in Vangi Cathcart’s specialty of Sumi-e painting, Bamboo stands for Summer and symbolizes strength and flexibility.  Bamboo is so strong and flexible that it can blow over in the wind and spring back up when the storm has passed.  These qualities are ones that Vangi herself epitomizes!

For these paintings, Vangi painted with strong strokes in Sumi-e inks without hesitation. In accordance with historical teachings, she painted the stalk first, then the leaves, and finally the branches.  Light and feathery-yet-bold texture are features of these striking bamboo paintings on the whitest of rice paper.


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