Vangi Cathcart “Plum Blossom Tree”

Vangi Cathcart Plum Tree

“Plum Blossom Tree”
Vangi Cathcart
9″ x 11″ original, matted & framed to 18″ x 14″

Vangi Cathcart, has interesting information about “Plum Blossom Tree”: The plum blossom represents winter because in Asia it often blooms in February, before spring arrives.  In colder climates it’s not unusual to receive a last snowfall while the plum blossoms are in full bloom.  Plum blossom personifies austerity.  A plum blossom painting usually includes a main branch, a secondary branch, flowers and small branches.  The sumi-e artist uses the side stroke, the pulling stroke , and the smashing stroke.  The main branch is painted first, then the flowers followed by the smaller branches and the stems connecting the flowers to the branches.”


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